What Difficulties Or Challenges Have Yo

Topics: Doubt, Major, Challenge Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: November 13, 2014
What difficulties or challenges have you had? The biggest challenge for me is too much class that I need to take.  I have 16 credits this semester, and most class are the major courses, my major is accounting, there is no doubt I have to take some difficult class, and each class almost have 4 exam during this semester, and questions on the exam also pretty tough. I have to study really really hard. So, these are my biggest challenge for me right now. What do you struggle with?  Because I need to take too much class, so I think I don’t have enough sleeping time, so I just struggle with my sleeping time everyday. I like to study at night, and during that time, I can study effective. Have you had any successes or achievements (even small ones)?  If so, what? Yes, I have. I’m so happy that I got full points for one of my accounting quizzes by preparing many hours. I am satisfied that I get my goal by working hard, so I think that there will not be puzzles if you try your best to do.  How are you involved in the UNL and Lincoln communities?  If you're not involved, how can you become more so?  What other endeavors are you doing in order to achieve your academic, English, and living abroad goals? I am getting well with my communities 。unl had pingpong matches at the beginning of the last semester. There were almost 35 people taking part in the matches on that day. The finals are the most exciting. Many students went to watch them and cheered for their classmates. At last I got the first place. How happy we were! 
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