What Difficulties Do Kezia in “the Wedding Gift” and Brent Staples in “Just Walk on by” Face as Disadvantaged Members of Society?

Topics: Black people, Poverty, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Topic: What difficulties do Kezia in “The Wedding Gift” and Brent Staples in “Just Walk On By” face as disadvantaged members of society?

There are many different people in our society, rich people, poor people, female, male, influence, and so on. Inside the society, people mostly classed in different level by their background and finances. And people who are poor and powerless will classed in disadvantaged members of the society. As disadvantaged members of the society, they need to face many difficulties and dangers situation in their life. When they face the problem, they need to do a very good decision in order to survive. Most of them are just because their background, financial and outlook; and always receive some unpleased treatments. There is a good example in the story “The Wedding Gift” and “Just Walk On By”. The character in two stories, Kezia and Brent, both of them are disadvantaged members, but they have different reason, situation, and reaction.

For the reason of Kezia had been placed in disadvantaged level is because she is orphan, poor, and powerless. Family, money, and power are very important in Kezia’s society. The family that she lives and works was a great example for compare with Kezias’. Barnes’s family was the most powerful and rich family in that town, “…for Mr. Barclay had the best pew in the meetinghouse and was chief pillar of godliness in Port Marriott.”(60), they have a big house, servants, and nice dress. Unlike Kezia, Brent, the character in “Just Walk On By”, the main reason that he become a disadvantage members is his outlook. Brent was a 22 years old black man and with six feet with two inches high, but at the society that Brent living with was most white skin and rich people, and the society have a very firm idea of black men was a mugging by literature. Therefore, people who like Brent will be easy hypothesize as a subversive and be to exclude.

In “The Wedding Gift”, Kezia did not have her own family; therefore,...
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