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Xiao Liang
Kelly Robert
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Essay #3
What Did the Firefighters Die for?
A Response to Timothy Egan
Do you have a friend or a relative who is a firefighter? Have you heard of what firefighters do? Have you seen how firefighters rescue people and property at the spot or on television? What is a firefighter? A firefighter also known as a fireman, is a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting, primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten property and civilian or natural populations and to rescue people from dangerous situations, like collapsed or burning buildings. Luckily or unluckily, my cousin work as a firefighter. Since he became a firefighter, I never saw him at home having the dinner with us in Chinese New Year. He has to stand guard, and wait for the order if there something happen. We all know that the job as a firefighter is really dangerous. There is an explosion in my city as a result of the oil spilling. All of the firefighters including my cousin in my city went to the first rescue line to save lives and buildings. Everyone is in danger. Unfortunately, someone died in that accident. So that comes to problem: Should firefighters contribute their lives to save other’s lives or properties? My answer is no.

It might because that I have someone who has the relationship with me in blood. So that I feel his life is important for me. I want him to protect his own life instead of saving others. How fire happens? It is clear that there are some place that can easily catch fire. Like some places near the forest or rainless. We know that if there is only a little fire in a tree, it will spread quickly. We learned some examples from Egan’s article. He argued that firefighters don’t have to die for people’s property and homeowners cannot blame firefighters. He shows the fire happens in Arizona where is really beautiful “ … , where the land rises up from the ceaseless heat of the valley to the cooler air of the plateau. It is stunning country, even with the menace of monsoon winds in summer” And it is located in the forest that fire truck cannot easily get in. Fire fighters were sent to the advance guard of a tricky fire to protect the gold-mining community. Nobody was there, but it was easily to explosion. The accident is even greater than the one happened in Sept.11. Who caught the fire? Why they live in such a dangerous place? But we cannot blame the people living there since we know that the scenery there is so beautiful. Egan points that homeowners shout at the firefighters” do something” they asked them to save their properties. And they believe that firefighters died for them and firefighters should do that for them. It is unfair for firefighters when people shouted at them. They contribute their lives to save people’s home. The fire is not set by firefighters, it is the person who lives there set the fire. And the living condition make the firefighters cannot easily get into the fire spot to rescue. So, why do house owner shout at fire fighters. They should not do that. We can understand that people are in panic because their house are burned in fire. They are losing the thing they love. They are nervous, they are afraid. So they may rage and scream. But the homeowners know that living in fire country is different from living in other place. They know that they have more possibilities than people living in other place to stuck in fire. And they should know that living in that kind of place, it is difficult for fire fighters to get in. So that the lose must be great. They make a deal when they decided to live there. Admittedly, to protect the property of people is the job of firefighters. They know how dangerous of their job. They made their determination when they choose this job. So someone thinks that it is unnecessary to feel guilty if firefighters died for protecting their houses. Firefighters are trained how to fight against fire, how to rescue the people...

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