What Counts as Knowledge in the Arts?

Topics: Truth, Art, Pablo Picasso Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: August 12, 2013
What Counts As Knowledge In The Arts? Discuss By Comparing One Another Are OF knowledge.

“Art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth”; these are the words of the renowned artist Pablo Picasso. It is common belief to think that there is very little or no knowledge in the arts. The arts are normally equated to a creative way of expressing your thoughts and emotions; knowledge is not normally in the forefront when speaking about the arts. In most areas of knowledge like the sciences, facts and evidences lead to conclusions based on which knowledge is formed. In the arts there is often no definite conclusion, no definite answer, and to many it may seem vague, but the lack of a definite conclusion does not mean that there is no knowledge to be extracted from it. Art is form of self-expression and it takes on many forms: paintings, movies, music and literature they are all examples of art, its is a very subjective area of knowledge, what is beautiful one may be horrendous to another, but it always expresses a grain of truth, through emotion, reaction or representation. But why did Picasso say art was a lie? A lie is a sense or feeling that something is not real, yet according to Picasso it brings us closer to what is real ‘the truth’ through various ways of knowing like perception, emotion and by drawing conclusions. Art is in fact a beautiful lie; a lie where the issues, problems, emotions, truths and knowledge are hidden behind a flurry of beautiful colors and stark images, behind lyrical symphonies and eloquent vocabulary and even behind a simple turn of an actor. If there is indeed so much knowledge to extract from art why is it common belief that art has almost no knowledge?

The belief that there is no knowledge in art can simply be equated to the lack of awareness and is an evidence of difference in perspective in the area of art. As I mentioned earlier art is subjective and the voice, mood and emotion of the artist are very evident in the work. Art...
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