What Could the Middle Ages Be Called?

Topics: Middle Ages, Medieval demography, Dark Ages Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Kayla Vega
The middle ages
The period in European history between 500 and 1400 is known by many different names, but it is most commonly referred to as the Middle Ages. It was a tie after the collapse of Rome in which Barbarian invasions lead to the disruption of trade and when businesses began to collapse. It was also a time when there was a downfall in cities, population shift, cities were being abandoned, feudalism was necessary and there were crusades.

The middle ages could have been called dark ages because the Barbarians broke though ramparts so there was no protection. They were no longer trading, peasants abandoned their fields only so they can avoid the violence of anarchy. The people were scared and ran far into the forests or inaccessible regions or took refuge in the high mountains. Society no longer had a government (Document 1). Conditions were very poor for citizens, they lived in fear and gave up their land and homes to run away to feel somewhat safe. Muslims were invading the South, Hungarians ruined the East provinces, they burned down churches, left and took captives with them (Document 1). These events cause the middle ages to be called the dark ages. There also was a lot of slaughter in London and Quentavic and in Rochester. The vikings stoled from and completely burned down the town of Dordrecht (Document 3). This invasion of England can also be called dark ages for the burning, stealing and slaughtering that occurred. In 1905, Pope Urban II issued a call for a holy crusade. The Turks and the Arabs had attacked and conquered the territory of Romania, they occupied more and more land of Christians, they killed and captured many, they destroyed churches and devastated the empire (Document 9). The call for crusade made the pope and catholic church lose power. The life expectancy in Medieval England before 1276 was 35, from 1276-1300 was 32, from 1301-1325 was 28, from 1326-1350 was 27, from 1351-1375 was 17. The life expectancy just kept...
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