What Constitutes an Expression of Religion?

Topics: Religion, Islam, Faith Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Finding Faith in Religion
What Constitutes an Expression of Religion?

Name: Megan Campbell
Instructor’s Name: Ms. R. Revington
Student Number: 110034176
Course: ENG4U1-03
Date: October 17, 2012

Religion is a worldwide practice and can be different to every individual. I believe that one can practice religion for many different reasons; some just may not involve a strong faith in the religion. To go through the motions of a religion is not the same as having faith in that religion. One can express religion yet not have faith in it, and can just be expressing to appease their family or just feel that it is the thing to do. There are also many ways to express religion, sometimes depending on what religion is being practiced. An expression of religion can be as simple as praying by your bedside or as expressive as praying 5 times a day in public. There are many things that constitute an expression of religion. One may express religion by going to church on Sundays, praying, singing hymns, and other related activities. Another expression of religion could be reading religious texts. For example, a young Jewish boy reading from the Torah at his Bar Mitzvah, this is a very important expression of religion as he is becoming a man in his culture and has seemingly accepted this religion into his life. All of these expressions can be either legitimate or only to please their family or society. Many religious persons take to wearing religious symbols to express their faith. Some Christians may wear a cross on a chain. Those of Muslim faith may wear a hijab. Although you see these people wearing this religious attire, it does not specifically say that they themselves are religious, they could just be following the motions for safety, or they could really be religious. We as strangers cannot view another person expressing their religion, and deduct from their appearance or actions if they have faith in their religion or are merely going through the motions. The...
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