What Clothes Mean to Me

Topics: Haute couture, Dress, Clothing Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Clothes and What They Mean To Me.
What is fashion? Is it the haute couture gown painstakingly made by hand that parade down the runways at London, Paris and New York Fashion week, or is it the top brands that can sell a simple t-shirt for two hundred euro? I believe that although those top fashion houses do influence the high street market they are unaffordable by the normal working person. I believe that fashion is very much personal. I dress for how I feel every day. Everybody has those days when they feel lousy and would prefer to sit in a pair of sloppy tracksuit bottoms and a misshapen greying t-shit and not do anything other than lounge around. These days are acceptable but only if you are staying in the confines of your own home. My mother used to say ‘If you would be ashamed to meet someone in the street, you are not dressed well enough.’ This however does not mean that you must be dressed up at all times, there is such a thing as dressing down but it is how you do it that is vital. A simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt can look just as well as a dress if you are going into town or down to meet a friend but a tracksuit looks slovenly. Many people look to the French as a race of well-dressed and sophisticated people but many of their wardrobes consist of essentials that are able to be mixed together effortlessly. It would be a rare occurrence to see them in a tracksuit unless they were coming from a gym and even then it would be well co-ordinated. So when I feel great it is reflected in my clothes and when I feel not so amazing that is also reflected. So who is to say I can’t use this information to my advantage and make everybody think that my life is going swimmingly even when i’m are stressed or tired. People use clothes as a front, sort of a protective barrier to the outside world. When you look great you automatically feel great too. So look at fashion as a friend and not as something that is stressful. Most women in particular often find themselves...
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