What Changes Has Macbeth Undergone?

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In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, there are a number of characters that undergo change. But the most prominent character who changes the most is Macbeth, King Duncan’s kinsman.

In act one, Macbeth started out as a hard working, honourable and noble man both on and off the battlefield. Aside from being noble, he was also very ambitious.

When the witches reveal the prophecy of the death of King Duncan, Macbeth and lady Macbeth want Macbeth to be king. His ambitions and take over his confidence. Macbeth starts to think evil thoughts, and the procrastination of wether he should kill Duncan or not sets in.

Macbeth still has a conscience at this stage because he is very hesitant about killing the King but his weak nature over comes him. The deed of killing king Duncan is done and after Macbeth is feeling like he has turned to the satin. Lady Macbeth reassures him that there is no need to worry about the Satan and that all is good still.

Later Macbeth decides to kill his best friend, Banquo and his son Fleance, as the witches told him that Banquo’s sons would be a long line of kings. The death of Banquo happens, but Fleance gets away before the hired murders can kill him.

The events that Macbeth undergoes throughout the play bring out the worst in Macbeth. He started as a Nobel soldier to the king, and now he has killed his king, killed his best friend and turned to the dark side.
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