What Changed My Life

Topics: Mother, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: October 24, 2010
What changed my life

My whole life has been full of a lot of challenges and obstacles that I’ve overcome. Out of all the events that have changed my life there is one specific thing that I have came to see is, that I should be very thankful for having both parents together in my life constantly. I realized this last year when my pops had brought it to my attention. We got on that topic when he was just talking about life as an adult. Then with my pops in my ear like he always is, he kept telling me all this stuff I wasn’t trying to hear I looked at everyone around and I then saw that I was blessed to have a mom and dad in my life that were married. Then from that day forward I really started to listen instead of ignoring what he had to say. I also saw that just the simple fact of having a father in my life all the time was something you do not see every day. With all of this being said, both parents being together still affects my views on family and responsibilities tremendously. All these things that I became aware of have really changed my life in a good way. My whole life drastically changed after I opened my eyes and realized that I was blessed for having my parents together still. Seeing how all my friends’ parents were divorced really made me appreciate what I had. It just seemed like a couple of my friends were not happy at all when it came to dealing with family. One of my closest friends never even knew his dad so I can just imagine what it was like for him. With someone’s parents being divorced or not around it can be pretty depressing because you only get to see one at a time instead of seeing both. You will never really get the unconditional love that you are supposed to get from your parents if they aren’t together. One important thing that every boy needs in his life is a father that’s around and in their life constantly. I am grateful for having my dad around, because I now realize that everyone does not have what I have. A dad is supposed to...
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