What causes the UFO cover-up conspiracy to be speculative?

Topics: Conspiracy theory, Conspiracy theories, UFO conspiracy theory Pages: 5 (843 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Kate Ly
Professor Adamson
English 101
March 11 2014

What causes the UFO cover-up conspiracy to be speculative? UFOs have been a controversial mystery with endless question marks. Were those sightings real? What were they then? Do they belong to aliens who visited planet Earth? When the authorities are not able to make satisfying responses or avoid explanations, the root of cause of government UFO cover-up conspiracy grows. These conspiracy theories would be still as strong as long UFOs are unelucidated . That means, once the unexplainable matters become explainable, theories become unstable and more likely to tumble. Explainable UFO sightings and the activities within government restricted area, as well as conspiracy theorists’ lack of credible evidences can cause UFO cover-up conspiracies to be speculative. Government had been known to cover up the truth but these incidents and events now have explanations. In facts, in an article in Christian Science Monitor, 1980, Robert C. Cowen wrote: “Three decades of study have shown that 90 to 92 percent of UFO reports consistency and on a worldwide basic can be explained as misidentification, or lack of identification, of natural or manmade phenomena – including hoaxes (Cowen).” His statement was based on Phillip J. Klass, who was a senior editor of the magazine who studied UFOs on his own time. Besides possible hoaxes, those that really occurred can now be explained as military testing. For decades, government leaked no information and prohibited civilians from going anywhere near the famous Area 51 site’s perimeter. People who lived nearby reportedly saw unidentifying object flying around in the sky. In consequence, government hiding and testing alien’s weapons became a major part of UFO conspiracy theories. But in the recent proclamation, according to ABC news, CIA admitted the existence of Area 51 and revealed what was UFO was actually the U-2 aircraft, a military plane test flight (Heussner). Moreover, UFOs sightings, “things” in the sky, can also be logically considered as weather balloons, falling space junks and stars- some even changes color (Smith). Bob Peterson, president of the Central Florida Astronomical Society said that he once saw something in the northeaster sky flying back and forth and changing color from red to green. He initially thought it was a plane, yet it turned out to be the star Capella. All things considered, these can cause the UFO cover-up conspiracy to be precarious. Besides explainable UFO sightings, another aspect which might damage the conspiracy theory is the reveal of secretive activities within the government extremely restricted area. When CIA eventually reported the military plane experiment in Area 51, they also revealed what has been going in the secretive site is in fact military testing experiments of spy planes programs (Heussner). The base started in the 1950s as a top- secret facility for Cold Ward reconnaissance of the Soviet Union. Since people are informed with information of the previously secretive, which no longer suspicious, conspiracy theories became unstable and can be seen as merely a hypothesis. With explainable UFO sightings and reveal of activities within government restricted area, conspiracy theories are unstable dues to lack of credible evidences. Theories are generally formulated and to explain unsolved matters based on available evidences. However, considering the available credible explanations of UFOs and government’s relation to it, conspiracy theories can be considered as merely interpretation, speculation with no credible data. According to Benjamin Radford in UFO Conspiracy Theories has Holes, UFO conspiracy theorists have a difficult time explaining why world are so concerned about the public being aware of aliens and what the purpose of a cover-up would be (Radford). Furthermore, Neumayer UFO is another sighting that occurred in the Antarctica, which a video of the identifying object...
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