What Causes Indisplines in Orgazation

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Causes of Indiscipline|
Indiscipline lies in non-cooperation, and non-cooperation is the result of the faulty attitudes and behavior of the management or the leaders in the organization. |
The statement that “discipline is what the leaders make it” is the observation of Henry Fayol on faults and lapses.  Even where indiscipline results form the faulty attitudes and behavior of the subordinates, the responsibility lies with the management because it provides the leaders to guide the subordinates. The common causes of indiscipline in an organisation may be stated as follows:  1. Lack of Effective Leadership: Effective leadership is a must for maintaining the discipline, which means to seek cooperation of the followers (subordinates) to achieve the desired objectives. In India, effective leadership could not be provided either by the management or by the trade unions which caused indiscipline in the industries.

2. Varying Disciplinary Measures: Consistent disciplinary actions must be there in the organisation to provide equal justice to all concerned. At different times and for everyone, the same standard of disciplinary measures should be taken otherwise it may give rise to growing indiscipline in the industry in future i.e., the judicious function on the past of management must be free form may bias, privilege or favouritism.

3. Defective Supervision: Supervisor is the immediate boss of the workers and many disciplinary problems have their in faulty supervision. The attitude and behavior of the supervisor may create many problems. As the maintenance of the discipline is the discipline is the core f supervisory responsibilities, indiscipline may spring from the want of the right type of supervision.

4.Lack of well-defined Code of Conduct: There must be a code of discipline in every organisation enlisting sufficient rules regulations or customary practices for the guidance and information of all employees. Such code should be communicated to all concerned in a clear and simple language so as to be followed by the concerned in a clear and simple language so as to be followed by the concerned parties in its true spirit. To be effective, the code should be adopted by the joint consultation of managers and the subordinates. In the absence of a well defined code of discipline, the disciplinary actions emanate form personal whims and temperaments which create indiscipline.

5. Divide and Rule Policy: Many mangers in the business obtain secret information about other employees through their trusted assistants. The spying on employees is only productive of a vicious atmosphere and of undesirable in the organization. Henry Fayol has rightly pointed out that dividing enemy forces to weaken them is clever, but dividing one's own team is grave sin against the business. No amount of management skill is necessary for dividing personnel, but integrating personnel into a team is the challenging task of sound management.

6. Deferring settlement of Employee Grievances: The employee grievances cannot be put off by deferring or neglecting their solutions. The grievances should properly be inquired into and settled by the managers in a reasonable period. Neglect of grievances often results in reduced performance, low morale and indiscipline among the employees. Strikes and work stoppages stem in many cases form the utter neglect of employee grievances.

7. Mis-judgment in Promotion and Placements: Mis-judgment in personnel matters like promotion and placements contribute to the growth of indiscipline in an enterprise. Cases of mis-judgment are carefully noted, widely circulated, and hotly debated by the employees. Expecting discipline from misruled people is not possible. Sometimes, undesired persons are placed on the jobs which makes the employees discontented, then giving rise to the problem of indiscipline. 8. Inadequate Attention to Personal Problems: Actions or reactions of people are the direct out come of their...
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