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what can i do to my country india

By Aayush-Chetwani Feb 24, 2014 281 Words
Suddenly after the terrorist attacks we find ourselves more concerned about our nation; our country about which probably we had forgotten or pretended to ourselves that we don’t care about, because we think nothing would change. As I was thinking about our nation INDIA, I realized that a lot has gone wrong; we have not being able to fulfill the basic needs of our people. I zeroed down on some basic issues we should try to address if we want to see a developed, prosperous, civilized and a powerful INDIA.

First and foremost we should ensure Education for all in our country. How can we think of being a developed nation without educating our people? Education is a right in the constitution of India and we should ensure that it actually reaches the people who can’t afford to pay for there child’s education and we have to make sure that no child is forced into child labour or has to opt for it due to unfair circumstances. A standardized education system across the country is a must; it has to be assured that children get knowledge which is free of religious or political bias, they should be provided with the wisdom of knowledge which would help them being a better human being, a person who can contribute to this world in a positive manner. I say so because it hurts to know that political parties influence the syllabus to be taught in schools, still many parents send there children to religious education centers like madarsaas. We would not only benefit our society/ country through education rather we would benefit humanity. Educated children would become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

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