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What Black History Month Means to Me

By Charita787 Jul 16, 2011 511 Words
What Black History Month Means to Me
By: Ciara Alers-Varela

This month many organizations on base are mentioning the following names: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and many more. Black History Month is the month to remember the heroes that earn black people their rights. Black History Month was started by Carter G. Woodson. His purpose was to promote African American History. Black History Month means a lot to me. If it wasn’t for Black History month Barack Obama wouldn’t be president today. Rosa Parks wouldn’t be a civil rights pioneer, and Harriet Tubman wouldn’t be recognized as the Moses of African Americans.

The first African History week was celebrated February 1926. Black history month was made to celebrate the achievements, roles, and diversity of African Americans in US History. Some of things that wouldn’t happen if black people didn’t earn their rights are Black people joining the Air force and becoming Heroes. As a minority African American month remind us that anyone can aspire to be President of the United States. It means that we can sit freely on any public transportation vehicle or use any public facility without the fear of been single out because origin, race or economical status. As a community African American month bring us together to work as a team no matter of the race. United as one the community is stronger and able to fight crime, literacy and poverty. Dr. Martin Luther king, Rosa Park and many other promoted the eradication of the mentioned above and the re-birth of a new US citizen willing to contribute as a whole and not an individual. To me African American month signify not to commit the same errors of the past and embrace a bright future. A want a society where people work to help each other instead of oppress one another. We need to work to erase discrimination from bullying to racism. My goal is to continue to spread what I learn at school about African American history and sacrifices. This is what African American History Month means to me the most. It means to never let mistakes happen again. Black History month is there to remind us that everyone deserves to be treated with equality just like Martin Luther King Jr. Said. No matter what race a person is a person, and deserved to be treated the same regardless of rank. Some of the most inspirational black people that are here because now they have rights are Opera Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Queen Latifa, Michael Jackson, and Billy Cosby. These are some of the black people that have inspired many other adults and children today. They wouldn’t be doing that today if it wasn’t for black history month. What happened before Black History month came to exists can’t be reversed, but what can be done is to prevent it from happening again. I’m looking forward to living in to a world where we all can aspire for equal opportunities.

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