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Topics: Natural environment, Employment, Environment Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Patagonia Inc., a Ventura, California is a famous seller of outdoor clothing and equipment. This company has a reputation as an “enlightened employer and champion of the environment”. This company has a simple goal but challenging that is “to produce the highest-quality products while doing the least possible harm to the environment”. This goal was inspired all employees from the top management to the bottom one and at the same time guide every single decision that they made. This goal helps Patagonia to grow at a healthy rate and being one of the best companies among other larger and competitive companies. On the other hand, Chouinard goal for Patagonia’s own sustainability is to keep growth relatively slow but steady. Chouinard, a 67 years and arthritic hand still able to inspire the company (employee) with actively involved in outdoor adventure activities and product ideas. Based on professor of Stanford University, Jeffrey Pfeffer, “There are companies that stress continuous improvement and being way better than the competition but also make people feel comfortable”. These companies (including Patagonia) are meritocracies with ambitious goals that trust their employees to do the right thing and give them the tools and time they need to do it. In order to facilitate employees satisfaction and to passionate with their job, Patagonia have do some abnormality, that is offer on-site day-care center at it headquarters and full medical benefits to all employees including part timers. As consideration, Patagonia demand for employee hard work, creativity, collaboration and result. Patagonia also gives bonuses every years to reward employees, but the best experienced by employees are program that allows employees to take off up to two months at full pay and work for environmental groups. This company also pays 50% college expense to employee’s related family who continuing study. Patagonia also shows it concerned to environment by contributed 1% from it yearly...
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