What Aspects of the Enlightenment Are Found in the Constitution of the Usa & Bill of Rights; Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizens?

Squeeze Question: What aspects of the Enlightenment are found in the Constitution of the USA & Bill of Rights; Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizens?

The age of enlightenment began with the belief in laws of nature which was discovered by Isaac Newton through the laws of gravity. This discovery resulted in a mechanical view of the universe that is operated according to fixed laws. Natural laws are rules discoverable by reason & therefore men should use natural laws to better understand social, economic & political problems & altogether govern human behavior. Laws of nature also give people rights of life, liberty & property to build a society with rationality. This Scientific Revolution kicked in the age of enlightenment in the 18th century. The Age of enlightenment revolved around the theme – reason. Reason was the driver, truth was a central value, thus reason was sovereign over all other beliefs, be it scientific, religious, philosophical, political or common sense. Immunuel Kant wrote a piece entitled “What is Enlightenment?” & he defined it as ‘’man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage’’. Humans are to break free from the prison of ‘’self-imposed immaturity’’ & pursue intellectual freedom. In order to achieve that, one has to ‘have the courage to use your own understanding’ as Kant’s motto for the age is ‘sapere aude’, translated as ‘’dare to know’’. Yet there was also a powerful tendency in the thought of the Enlightenment which doubted that truth could be conquered by formulas & placed its faith in experience & experimentation. With Hume, causation became habit & reason the slave of passion. He held that “we perceive the data of our senses & we cannot hope to go beyond our senses.” Passion, revelation from a personal God & miracles are violations of the natural law. His empiricism view of knowledge placed reason over faith. It is undeniable that the Constitution of the United States

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