What Art Means to Me

Topics: Color, Photography, Art Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: October 12, 2010

During the course of this ART123 class we have learned a great deal about art. We have learned to understand what art is and how art may be different to each other. Art is expressed in several ways. We see art in our everyday lives like in our hair, clothing, and even our makeup but artist intend to express it through how they draw, what they draw, the color techniques, the fullness and the dullness of the picture and most of all their creativity. I was able to view a few pieces of art and now I am able to elaborate on these images.

The first piece of art that I would like to explain is a piece of art from William Kentridge: Stereoscope 1998–99. This piece of art was very different for me. It reminds me of something you would see in a scary movie. The image was charcoal and pastel but with a rich color that brings out a great feature. The undertones or comedic bits of self deprecation that rendered the message that he was trying to convey. The string attached to the gentlemen’s neck giving us the illusion of the man being hung stood out as well. But, what stood out the most were the lines. The outline of the space of the man that was hanging was created in depth. It clearly wanted us to see the sketches of this man clothing and where the water begin to pour out through the arming area. There were several contour lines that we can see as well. The most powerful line that we can see in this image is the implied lines, which are the direction the figures in a given composition are looking. When we look at the top of his suite jacket the lines allows us to follow all the way down to the streaming waters. Overall this image was very detailed in color and structure.

The second drawing that was appealing to my eye was one by, Georgia O’Keeffe: White Shell with Red, 1938. Now this image stood out with its bold colors of red, pink, yellow and a white / Ivory that was mixed in the middle. This picture truly captured my eye do to the splashes of colors...
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