What Are You Passionate About?

Topics: Teacher, School, Education Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Amanda Linn
PSY 107

What are you passionate about?

Many of my earliest memories as a young child were of playing with my dolls and taking care of them in one way or another. I could often be found playing with my friends and starring in the lead role of either doctor, school teacher, or mommy. Through the years, I have been in the role of a babysitter, a camp counselor, a leader and mentor of youth organizations, a daycare provider, a tutor, and a teacher. These experiences have allowed me to stay involved with what I'm most passionate about, children.

When I was eight years old, I got my first job as a babysitter of my Neighbors two granddaughters. Word quickly spread through the neighborhood about how responsible I was and found myself babysitting almost every night. Since I was caring for so many different families, I wanted to ensure their childrens safety, provide them with stimulating activities and prepare healthy, tasty snacks. A

babysitting course was offered locally and I signed up immediately. Several years later, I volunteered to help teach other young babysitters the same skills I learned.
During the summers, I attended summer day camp, which was provided by an organization I was in called Camp Fire Boys and Girls. as soon is I became of age, I stopped being a camper and became a Junior, then a Senior camp counselor. I enjoyed helping work with our campers in a variety of activities. Later on when I became older, I continued working with this camp as the the lead director.

Camp Fire Boys and Girls also had a program called Vacation Ventures, which allowed elementary age children to attend their school on a scheduled no school day, to provide care while their parents were at work. As a group leader, I was responsible for a group of six children. I would help them with their homework, teach fun songs, play physical games snd activities, create arts and crafts, instruct a lesson, and maintain order within our...
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