What Are the Ways to Reduce Pollution

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Advantage of Reading
There are so many ways reading is an advantage to your learning. People read so they can improve on their vocabulary by reading words that they don’t know, and using the dictionary they will know what the word means.

Reason why reading is an advantage is that it gives you a glimpse into other cultures and places in the world. While reading like “National Geographic” it gives you an insight on other people lifestyles, customs and their ethnicity of their people. It also gives us an aware about places they wanted to travel and also know where the safest place to visit. Also reading a novel helps people understand how the author writes and how we can write the same way the author does.

Another reason why reading is an advantage is it improves memory. Reading requires you to remember details, facts and figures and when you’re writing an essay you need to remember every single detail in order for your story to interesting. Reading helps people communicate to each other since English is spoken by many people. The more people read the more knowledge they will get and the more they can express themselves on how they talk to their peers.

I never like reading in the first place because I find it a waste of time which results in failure in English class. When my English teacher told me to read more books, I listen to my teacher and I started reading novels and newspapers. Still I didn’t get the results I wanted and I gave up reading. In the past years my English grades were not to my standards.

In conclusion reading is our aspects to our life because it helps us be more knowledgeable to the English language. The more people read the more words they will know.
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