What Are the Top 3 Best Cellphone Companies

Topics: Alltel, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Ed Brown
Composition Two- 1102-50
Kelli MacCartey

The top three best cell phone companies are Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, and Sprint Wireless. Their plans are similar in a lot of ways, but there are certain features that each one has that make them different from the rest. In order to find out which company has better service is to research each one of their plans and pick which company is more appealing to you. Some of the features that all three companies has like the night and weekend plans, text options, free phone with a contract signing, and the list goes on. With so many things the same, what set these three apart from each other. Is it the coverage service something else? When I first started researching this topic I realized that all three companies has a lot of the same features in their plans like unlimited nights and weekend, the texting option, and the usual things that most cell companies has, but I wanted to find out what set them apart. Like for example “Sprint Wireless nights, and weekend starts at 7p.m, but it will cost you an extra 5 dollars a month to move your time up to 6p.m instead. AT&T Wireless time starts at 9p.m nightly, but for an extra 9 dollars a month you can start talking free at 7p.m., and Verizon Wireless time starts at 9p.m with no option to start early.” So it depends if you want to start talking one, two, or no hours early which plan you might be favoring. (Yuetter, 2012) With AT&T Wireless you can use its service all over the country, but if you are traveling in the Northwest it is likely that you might lose service or get bad reception to the least of your worries. Verizon Wireless 4G coverage picks up in 486 United States cities so that means you can practically can use your phone anywhere from coast to coast. They also use 3G coverage to reach some of the smaller cities. They deal in phone brands from Apple to Samsung. Verizon Wireless is also known for having the most dropped calls. But...

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