What Are the Purposes of Prisons

Topics: Prison, Punishment, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 16, 2013
At the present we realize that everywhere in the world has crime. “Today, crimes are being committed every second of the day and night. Whether it's theft, murder, rape, kidnapping, torture, or abuse, some crime is taking place.” (Presley, C 2011) We can’t deny that we are living among dangerous of crime so prison is built for imprisoning people who violate. But what is the main purpose of prison? Presley, C (2011) Crime is everywhere, accessed 30th November 2012, < http://www.examiner.com/article/crime-is-everywhere>

There are 4 purposes of prisons, the first one is retribution that means criminals have to pay a debt to society for their crimes by they are punished into the prisons and detain them to do not have freedom. Next point, Incapacitation refers to the society will be safe because the criminals are detained in the jail. Moreover, deterrence is prevent crime in the future, it probably that the prisons will warn people who think of doing something illegal to revere law. Last, rehabilitation is activity that develop prisoner by giving an education to them, teaching job skills and provide psychologist or social worker for them for consultation Stoptheaca, (n.d.) purposes of prisons accessed 30th November 2012, <http://www.stoptheaca.org/purpose.html> From the purposes of prisons are a lot of advantages. To begin by prisons can reducing crime as the result of criminals are detained in the prison and also might discourage people from breaking the law that affect to society are save. Beside, it affect to people who use to imprison will not break the law again because they know how fearful or terrible in the prisons. Furthermore, it is good for criminals that they can study in the jail and recovery they mind by psychotherapy or even can learn about job skill in order to when acquitting they will not to be criminals anymore. Athough prisons have many advantage, there are several disadvantage of it. (Accord to Sadiq the people who used to be...
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