What are the main causes of teen suicides?

Topics: Suicide, Bullying, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1456 words) Published: September 20, 2013
 What are the main causes of teen suicides?
Have you ever wondered what’s inside a depressed teenagers mind, and what that can lead to? Why has the teenage suicide rate been increasing? In the past decade, statistics have shown that around the world 276,000 people between the ages 15 – 24 years old try to commit suicide and 5000 of these have succeeded. The main causes of suicide are failures at studies, stress, bullying, abuse, or rape, all these things basically lead to depression which may easily lead to suicide and irrational behavior. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers, just behind homicide and accidents. During the teenage years of one’s life, teens have to deal with stupendous quantity of new experiences. These new encounters like new relationships or physical changes may stress out on the teens, which might cause them to make the wrong choices. When teens make wrong choices, they feel stressed out and may go into depression. They may feel they have nowhere to turn to which leads them to think that suicide is a way out or the only solution to their problems. Research shows that there has been a huge increase in teenage suicide over the past 15 years. It's also thought that at least 25 attempts are made for every contemplated teen suicide. Suicide rates differ between boys and girls. Girls think about and attempt suicide about twice as often as boys, and tend to attempt suicide by overdosing on drugs or cutting themselves. Yet boys die by suicide about four times as often girls, perhaps because they tend to use more lethal methods, such as firearms, hanging, or jumping from heights. Problems at school such as bullying and failing in studies are also contributions to why teenagers suicide. According to Family First Aid, around 30% of teenagers in the U.S. have been involved in bullying, either as a bully or as a victim of teenage bullying. Physical bullying is where the bully attempts to physically...
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