What Are the Main Cause of Problem Between Friends

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Epistemology Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: April 16, 2013
What Are The Main Cause Of Problem Between Friends?
it usually a problem with communication and a lack of willingness for compromise for example theres a he said she said issue involving u and lets say a friends girlfriend usually someone jumps the gun and loses there temper immediately instead of talking to you about it so then drama ensues and feelings are hurt another example you and a friend get into a bad argument about something like borrowing something you both paid for instead of trying to come up with a compromise once again drama hurt feelings when u think about it its as simple as gullibility and selfishness witch is somethin everyone has in common it might not show to your peers but the longer u know someone the more comfortable u get around them and the more it comes out Usually boys or maybe jeolousness of your friends hanging out with other people u dont like When opinions come between friends

Opinions are every where and everyone has them. Opinions are the reason we are passionate about causes. Opinions motivate us to vote, join clubs, engage in causes. Opinions are the very reason we choose our friends. Strong differences of opinions tend to cause problems between friends. It seems like reasonable friends could simply agree to disagree. On some issues this is a viable and reasonable solution. Each opinion is different and the passion shared with an opinion may prevent this from working. Part of the puzzle is the opinions that differ. Some one who doesn't like plums can probably be friends with some one who thinks plums are the perfect food. It's more an individual situation and as long as no one is forced to eat plums, everyone can survive the difference of opinion. If the difference of opinion is about the meaning of honesty and trust the impact on a friendship would be much larger. For some, the dynamics of a relationship of any kind are based on a mutual understanding of trust and honesty. This would play a much more vital role on the every...
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