What Are the Difficulties for a Muslim Living in a Non Muslim Country

Topics: Islam, Hajj, Five Pillars of Islam Pages: 4 (1719 words) Published: April 14, 2013
It can be hard for a Muslim to live in a non Muslim country because of the beliefs of Islam and how they go about their certain religious commutes. Their religion can affect their lives in such a way that they have to follow five pillars of faith. These five pillars each have certain rules that the Muslims have to follow. Living in a non Muslim country can disrupt the following of these rules. The first pillar that the Muslims have to follow is the Shahada. This can also be known as creed. This is the actual declaration of faith and their commitment to Allah (their god). Finding a mosque in England may not be any trouble as there are more mosques in England then there are churches, but Christians living in a Muslim country would have trouble finding a church. Different Muslim denominations follow the Shahada differently as the Shia denomination believes that an essential part of Shahada and being a believer is believing in the Imamate of Ali AS and 11 of his descendants. The second pillar is called Salah and this means that they have to pray to Allah. The Muslim denomination of Shia prays only three times a day whereas the Sunnis’ pray all of five times. This could be difficult for a Muslim of any denomination as even though there are more mosques than churches in England this does not mean that there are more Muslim schools. The Muslims will probably have to end up going to a Christian school which means that there would not be any set times for a Muslim to pray. To overcome this and still pray five times a day they would have to do their five prayers at home. Muslims have to perform a special ritual before they can pray. This is called Wudu and this means the washing of the body and the purifying of the soul. They cleanse their whole body and then enter the mosque remembering to take off their shoes. Rakah/Rakat is the actual sequence of positions that Muslims complete whilst saying the Shahada. Muslims find this next pillar interchangeable, but for the...
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