What Are Some Challenges Parents in the Pacific Face While Bringing Up Children

Topics: Unemployment, Childhood, Parent Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Life in the Pacific is not easy; the struggle to provide their offspring with every possible happiness can be demandingly exigent for any parent in the Pacific region. In this competitive world, parents are forced to discard their personal luxury and concentrate on bringing up their children in a rather convoluted scenario. Financial instability, parental control and lifestyle transitions are some of the destitutions parents in the Pacific have to endure while bringing up children.

The recent global economic meltdown has left parents in the Pacific incapable to indulge their family with conventional living conditions due to some of its drastic limitations, which are unemployment and the high rate of inflation, Due to the paucity of development in the Pacific region, parents especially the undereducated ones face hardship in even obtaining ‘blue collar’ jobs. This situation makes them incompetent to provide the already discouraged family with satisfactory basic needs. For instance if the breadwinner of the family is unemployed or underemployed he/she will have to make choices such as to provide food and secure housing or send children to school and the outcome of that dilemma is usually that children are left to wonder around at home or join the farm. Thus unemployment is a major hurdle parents have to overcome, while bringing up children in the Pacific.

Furthermore, the increasing rate of price of goods and services has left parents in the Pacific to ponder upon which basic living essential is mandatory and which is not. In order to cater for the children’s education and their unlimited wants, some parents with low level of income have to do double shift works and also sustainable backyard farming to put food on the table. For example if a person is doing blue collar job, with his spouse doing domestic duties he will not be able to collectively execute to everyone’s needs and wants due to the quantitative comparison of the inflating Pacific. Therefore...
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