What Are Main Effects of Growing Up with a Main Computer?

Topics: Critical thinking, Personal computer, 21st century Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: April 16, 2013
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What are the main effects of growing up with a main computer? A main computer is a machine that stores programs and information in electronic form and can be used for a variety of processes. Long ago, computers were not a must for a household as individuals were not blessed to have such technology. In recent times however as the world is constantly changing, almost every individual has a computer, whether it be a desktop computer or a laptop. Although growing up with a computer may have positive effects, there are also negative effects of having that privilege. Therefore, three main negative effects of growing up with a main computer are Social issues, Lack of thinking skills, and Personal problems. Topic Sentence 1: One of the main negative effects of growing up with a main computer is the social issues.

* Friendship bonds being hurt
* Little interaction with employees in the workplace
* Loss of shopping experience
Concluding Sentence1: As mentioned above, these are the Social issues one has to face. Topic Sentence 2: Another main negative effect of growing up with main computer is a lack of thinking skills.

* Letter writing ability is diminished
* Inability to correct one’s own spelling errors
* Loss of critical thinking skills
Concluding Sentence 2: Thinking skills as one would see is indeed another negative main effect.
Topic Sentence 3: In addition to social issues and the lack of thinking skills, personal problems is also a main negative effect of growing up with a main computer. * Computer addiction or dependence

* Relationship struggles
* Diminishing family traditions
Concluding Sentence 3: Therefore, one can say that personal problems is yet anothermain negative effect of growing up with a main computer. Conclusion: Finally, we have established that there are both...
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