What Are Local Governments Role In Nation Building

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Table of Contents
Literature review2
Local government; Functions and Importance2
Local government in nation building/development2
Project research plan5
Methodology and Materials6
Expected results and output6
Research plan timetable7

Literature review
Local government; Functions and Importance
The political/appointed administration constituted by national law within a small geographic region that could cover cities towns and states is usually known a local government (Businessdictionary 2015; Ugochukwu 2013), these administrative bodies are normally in substantially regulative control of maintaining the government’s interest within their geographic zones, these may include election of public officers, collection of taxes, maintaining public assets etc.. They are described by Samuel Humes and Eileen Martin as regional administrative units supervised by the state without any aspect of sovereignty (Humes & Martin 1969). In many sovereign states like Nigeria and the Philippines the supervision of these local governments are handled by the National or Federal Government. The main purpose for the existence of Local governments in many states is to aid decentralization of power within these states with the hope of developing the social, economic and political aspects of government and people in the local and regional level (Bitonio 2014). All these focus on National or state development which may be better achieved by effective cooperation between the national government and local governments (Gbargaye 2013). Several theories are responsible for the need of the decentralized local government, as a lot of these principles are overlapping in jurisdictional understanding it becomes important to highlight the specific roles played by local governments in nation building. Nation building is the key responsibility of every national government as it endeavours to secure better quality of life for its citizens, this is a key attribute a nation is gauged by globally. Apart from securing an effective democratic system for her citizens, a nation should provide socio economic growth stability, national identity and security for its citizens. These are all the national building tasks of a national government (Stephenson 2005). Most national governments around the globe use decentralization of power and responsibilities to local governments (municipalities, councils etc.) as an effective tool in making national building a much more effective process(World Bank & Shah 2006). Local government in nation building/development

As the local government occupies the lower layers of government, they are closest to the people, the actions of such bodies have a direct effect on the local people. According to the Decentralization theorem “each public service should be provided by the jurisdiction having control over the minimum geographic area that would internalize benefits and costs of such provision,” this all implies that because the local government understand the people better, the responsibility of local decision making becomes more in the hands of the local citizens, eliminating layers of jurisdiction and enhancing interjurisdictional competition and innovation (World Bank & Shah 2006).The convening power of this level of government represents a link from the grass root to tree top of the modern society, sections such as Socio economic aspect of nation development requires active people participation that can only be better achieved by employing an effective local government decentralization program to encourage and guide these active participation by the local citizens (Haque 1997; Nibbering & Swart 2008). The roles of such levels of government can be said to be in line with the plan of the nation, in highlighting the roles of local government in nation building specific areas will be critically focused on with references from literature...
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