“What Are Gmo's? Are They Safe for All Age Groups? Why or Why Not?”

Topics: Genetically modified organism, Gene expression, DNA Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: January 15, 2011
“What are GMO's? Are they safe for all age groups? Why or why not?”

A GMO is a genetically modified organism that has been altered by man through the process of engineering. It is a technology set out to alter the genetic structure of a life form such as plants and animals, in effort to produce a more desired end product of the organism altered. As an example, a tomato was altered with a new gene so that it would look ripe for a longer period of time. It was called the “Flavr Savr Tomato” (Sereana Howard Dresbach) The purpose was so that tomatoes could be shipped from almost anywhere in the country, and still have that fresh ripe look to the consumers; once placed on the shelves in stores. GMO’s are also used to alter the nutrients of a living organism, meaning you could take a fruit tree or vegetable plant and alter it to have additional nutrients that the organism would not originally contain. A test was conducted with a product termed “Golden Rice,” which was altered to contain a greater density of beta carotene, a source of vitamin A and iron. (Sereana Howard Dresbach) The effort was to create this food for third world counties who lack this nutrient; thus help to reduce the many disease that are linked to the lack of vitamin A and iron; such as anemia and blindness. Though the effort and research of genetically modified organisms seem to have a positive outlook, there are many people and organizations that are skeptical, concerned, and in total disagreement with this technology; due to the unknown heath risks and attempt to alter Mother Nature. Because this is fairly new, and the research conducted so far has not completely proved out the safety and soundness of GMO’s to its entirety, there are many questions that need answers; and facts needed to prove this technology as fully credible in my view. It s safety and use for all ages is a question we must ask ourselves as a society, and we must openly challenge the government to make sure that...

References: Sereana Howard Dresbach, P. H. (n.d.). The Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms on Human Health.
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