What Are Friends for?? Marion Winik

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Love / Pages: 3 (562 words) / Published: Apr 3rd, 2013
March 25, 2012
What are Friends For? Marion Winik has been a writer nearly her whole life. Mostly poems in the beginning, she did venture into the world of books and magazines. One of Marion’s biggest successes was inspired by the death of her first husband, who died of AIDS, This poem that was written by Marion was originally published in her book Telling. Her main focus on this article is to describe the real life views that we have in our friendships. As I was reading this article, I could place which friends was in the relationship that were described. I feel like this is a modern day, close to home, type of feeling that the author gives off. Marion writes mostly about the events that happened in her life that others can relate too. She lists several different types of friendships that our friends are listed in. We as the readers don’t realize it but her article is very true. We all have friends in each of these categories. Marion, in this article, listed several types of friendships. There are buddies, who go the extra mile for you and would do anything you would ask of them and in return you would do the same. There are the relative friends. This friend is a family member with whom you just click with. Your opinions about every family member are the same and they can recall events that happened in your lifetime because they were there with your crazy family. There is that special guy at work relationship. At first it starts out meaningless but grows into something beautiful. This relationship only last within the workplace and doesn’t usually survive a job change, but you will always have your memories. The faraway friend is the kind of friend that you grew up with but one of you moved away. This friend is the one that you have not spoken to in months and you just continue right where you left off at the moment you connect again. This friend is always there even if they are hundreds of miles away. Then there is the Former Friend. This friend is the

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