What Are Club Drugs

Topics: Sherlock Holmes, Heroin, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 3, 2015
1. What are club drugs? What are some of the factors that support the use of club drugs? Club drugs are synthetic drugs that enhance or improve the experience, like dancing. 2. What are screening tests? Why are they used?

Screening test are nonspecific that help identify several particular drugs they are used to determine whether or not there are drugs involved. 3. What are color tests? Why are these tests used?
Color tests are putting a chemical reagent on the drug, which will then change colors to determine which drug is used. These test are used because different types of drugs change different colors, which will help identify the drug being used. 4. What are microcrystalline tests? What information do they provide? Microcrystalline tests are exposing the substance to a reagent so the colors can be examined, the shapes of the crystals formed can help determine what type of drug was used, this process happens quickly. 5. What is spectrophotometry? How can this be useful in identifying drugs? A spectrophotometry uses electrons to break apart the drug molecules, this can be useful to identify drugs because not two substances will break apart in the same way.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Why are forensic scientists an important part of drug cases? Forensic scientists are an important part of a drug case because they help determine whether a drug was involved, and what it may have been used for. 2. If you were a forensic scientist and you were called to a crime scene to see if drugs were present, what would you do to determine this? If I were a forensic scientist and I was called to a crime scene and drugs were present, I would determine this by using a screening tests to see if they are actual drugs. 3. Why is it important for forensic scientists to have as much information as possible about the place where a possible drug substance was found? It is important for forensic scientist to have as much information as possible about where the place was when...
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