What's a Scotoma

Topics: Higher education, Dropout, Cognition Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: August 14, 2009
Running Head: Week 1 # 3

April Bazemore
South University
Strategies for Success
Week 1 D 3
Prof. Dr. C
July 3, 2009

1. A scotoma is a blind spot in your mind that prevents you from seeing other information, facts, or ideas, which comes from the way you were raised, the beliefs that you have, or the culture you grew up in. one scotoma I have is that I will fail in the math class , I have always hated math even in elementary school., growing up quickly and becoming a mother at such a young age I dropped out of school early, and when I did return I felt really behind and could not really grasp the concepts in advance math so I would quit.

2. The "cognitive dissonance" principle states that you cannot have two opposing thoughts at the same time. It cannot be both black & white. Negative self-talk has hindered my performance in school. I would tell myself that I couldn't do it after the first week or so and drop out or give up ,for example I started my own business and when it started to pick up I started telling myself I could not do it and backed out . I had really allowed the past experiences and things that I was taught to stop me from succeeding.

3. Two positive habits I have locked on to are: determination and effort I am truly determined to complete school and receive my degree in business, and have also locked on to making the effort so that I could. I have started a lot of things but have not finished anything and this time I am using all recourses available to me to accomplish this goal.

4. Two negative habits that I have locked on to are doubt and fear of the unknown, I have always had doubt in my ability to complete my education because of not attending school for such a long period of time, I did not feel up to par as most of the class, with many of them coming from high school or have already completed on step and is going for a higher degree. I allowed my self and my own insecurities to dictate the course of action...
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