What's Wrong with Killing

Topics: Murder, Kill, Logic Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: February 24, 2009
Since I was born, I was told killing people is a wrong behavior. We have no right to take away people’s lives. There is not much doubt about it. Although most of the people know killing others is not right, there are a few people who deny this argument. When I was reading the newspaper, I noticed that there are many articles which report on the murdering cases around the world. No matter where the killers at, the reason why the killers murder others are similar. Most of the killers claimed that they would like to know the feeling while they were killing people. After they tried once, they loved the feeling of killing. As a result, they became serial killers. Generally, they had no reason why they killed a person. Sometimes there might not have any enmity between the killers and the victims, and sometimes they might not even know each other. The only reason they kept murdering others is to fulfill their own satisfaction. After reading the newspaper, I cannot believe there are lots of murdering cases around the world. I am wondering if the killers have ever thought about the victims. Everyone has his own life. No one can take away anything from anybody. I hate hearing people say they kill somebody because the God tells them to do so. No one has right to judge anybody or punish anybody by killing, even the God has no right to do it. Some people may argue that the God created people, the God has right to take everything away. I will never agree with that. As I already said, life belongs to oneself. Killing people is totally wrong.
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