What's Behind United States Immigration (Exploratory Essay)

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Illegal immigration Pages: 7 (3007 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Mellizza Lansang
Prof: M Jacob Broderick
9 October 2012
What is behind US Immigration?
Illegal immigration has been a huge problem of United States for a long period of time. There are two common ways of how people come to US illegally; first is to cross the border between Mexico and US; second is to overstay when they come to US as a visitor. Why do people want to come to the United States if they are going to be here illegally? Simply, because those illegal immigrants want to have a better life than what they have back in their homeland; but the question here is why then did people come to the United States illegally if they are not getting any benefits? As I asked myself this question, my mind begun to think about the reason of why many illegal immigrants risk their freedom by coming over to a country where they must hide. There must be something that this country is offering to everyone regardless of their legal status. As I was a teenager I had friends who were siblings, but they were undocumented. They came to United States with their parents when they were around five and six year-old to visit their relatives. They overstayed in US and find a job to support their daily needs. Now, their parents are working as caregivers in a private nursing home. Their family now has a stable and better life and the siblings are now both in college, one is in a community college and the older one is finishing her studies in Arizona State University because she got a full scholarship. Now, my question is answered; the government or any other organization, association, or even private individual are giving undocumented people benefits. In this case they have given employment that could be offered to an American and scholarship that could be given to an American student. They even have this “TIN number,” I wasn’t sure what “TIN number” is, but I was told that this number was given to them as a visitor and can be used to open a bank account. I am not envious of what they have gained despite of their legal status. My point here is that Americans are giving those undocumented people a reason to stay here in US and they are giving reasons to those people who are in need in other country to come to US. I often wondered how United States let these things happened? What could be the reason behind the ignorance of our immigration authorities? I also asked myself what if there were no illegal aliens; would United States be more progressive or our economy might just fall further down? Although I had bad experiences with undocumented immigrants, I still recognize all the hard work they are doing for their families back home and their help to our business owners. Most of them are working with low paying jobs such as sales associates in a small thrift store, dish washers, and service crew members to support their needs. They also give us affordable food prices, without them prices in the market will be higher than what it is now, but don’t you think they are taking jobs that are supposed to be jobs for Americans? It really intrigues me how the United State can solve the problem of illegal immigration. With that being said I intend to do some reading of different people’s perspective regarding this matter. I began with an article that our professor assigned for us to read. It is called “Amnesty?” from America Magazine written by John F. Kavanaugh, a Catholic Priest and a Philosophy professor in St. Louis University. In this article, he had mentioned that most of the illegal aliens are hard-working, family oriented people who came in United States to have a better future. Kavanaugh argues that many illegal immigrants are not criminals, but they are people who are hoping to have a better future for their love ones instead. Kavanaugh points out that the surge of immigration was a direct effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the negative results that affects the Mexican farmers. Kavanaugh mentions the...
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