What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Topics: African American, Interpersonal relationship, Sociology Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: September 25, 2006
Book Report: Driving Miss Daisy
The movie "Driving Miss Daisy" gives the viewer a glimpse of the Southern mentality during the pre-civil rights movement. It's about a relationship between an elderly Jewish Southern woman and her African American chauffeur. This movie ties in with human services because of the southern culture, racism, social norms, and traditions as it relates to African Americans and Southern Whites in the pre-civil rights movements. I felt the movie was very interesting with a straight-forward plot that revealed the cultural differences and presumptions people have towards another with out interaction. Ms. Daisy portrays a stern southern woman living on her own, she is not about to give up her independence, though as the movie progresses she reluctantly accepts the will of her son and allows him to hire a chauffeur for her that is a black elderly man. However Ms. Daisy is reluctant to accept a chauffer, especially a black chauffer. Although in the beginning she was very unfriendly and unwilling to cooperate she gradually crumbles as she comes to trust and begins to appreciate Mr.Colburn. As time progresses, day by day Mr. Colburn becomes protective but never overbearing. Though aware of the limits of his place bases on the culture difference between the two he is not about to sacrifice his dignity, even though he told her he could not read. As a previous school teacher, Miss Daisy decides it was time for Mr. Colburn to start reading and insists on lessons immediately. Soon after the lessons started, a strong bond and relationship start to develop. I feel their bond and friendship was achieved through personal interaction and demise of the stereotypical thought process. I believe this movie ties in to human resources, because it showed to me, how two different races can get along after they interact with each other and take the time to learn each others concerns, thoughts, and beliefs. Even though I felt Ms. Daisy was not a racist,...
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