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WHAP Ch. 15 -18 Q uest
1. Which of the following was NOT a symptom of decline in the Arabic caliphate by 1400? The decline of the Sufis. 2. Which of the following statements concerning Arabic trade after 1100 is most accurate? Although Arabic trade was reduced, Muslims remained active in world markets. 3. Which of the following statements concerning the Ottoman Empire is most accurate? Turkish rulers did not promote maritime trade as vigorously as had the Arabs. OR The expansionist power of the ottoman empire was very real  4. What was the innovation launched by the Ming dynasty? Mounting huge, state-sponsored trading expeditions throughout Asia and beyond. 5. Which Admiral commanded China's great overseas expeditions between 1405 and 1433? General Zhenghe 6. Which of the following was NOT a reason used by the Ming dynasty to stop the trading expeditions? The technological inferiority of Chinese ships and navigation 7. Which of the following statements concerning the cessation of state-sponsored trade by the Ming Dynasty is most accurate? In Chinese terms, it was the brief trading flurry that was unusual, not its cessation. 8. Which of the following was NOT a drawback to the West's emergence as a global power? Failure to establish key commercial and maritime links until after 1600. 9. Which of the following was NOT a contributing factor to the economic crises of the 14th century? Withdraw from the global trading network. 10. Which of the following was NOT a source of Western dynamism the 14th and 15th centuries? Two centuries of peace among the major European nations. 11. Strong regional monarchies took hold in the decades around 1400 in Strong regional monarchies took hold in the decades around 1400 in Spain and Portugal. 12. In comparison to medieval culture, Renaissance culture was more concerned with things of the earthly world

13. Which of the following was NOT one of the reasons that Italy emerged as the center of the early Renaissance? Italy was spared the Black Plague due to its geographic location. OR The emergence of centralized states in Italy allowed for more patronage of the arts. 14. What was unique about the development of states in the Iberian Peninsula? Spain and Portugal developed effective new governments with a special sense of religious mission and religious support. 15. What was the Western response to the problems of international trade that they experienced in 1400? Western nations began explorations of alternative routes to Asia that would bypass the Middle East and Muslim realms. 16. Which of the following was NOT a result of the European contact was sub-Saharan Africa after 1500? Regional kingdoms lost all influence in West Africa and were replaced by European governments. 17. How was the global trade network of the 15th century different from that of previous eras? In previous eras, most attention was given to the development of larger regional economies and cultural zones, rather than a truly global network. 18. Why did the initiative in early conquest and exploration pass to Northern European nations in the later 16th-century? The Dutch and British improved the design of oceanic vessels, producing faster ships than their Catholic rivals. 19. What was the purpose of the early English voyages to North America? To discover a northwest passage to India. 20. In what way were the early Dutch and British exploration and trade projects different from those of the Iberian nations? Dutch and British exploration owed much too private initiative of merchant groups and the formation of chartered trading companies. 21. As part of the "Columbian Exchange", which of the following was a European contribution to the Americas? Horses 22. What was the impact of the introduction of American crops into Europe? The introduction of corn and potato led to major population growth in Europe. 23. Which of the following areas of trade was NOT dominated by the West after the establishment of a global trading network...
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