Whale Rider

Topics: Family, Character, New Zealand Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Whale Rider
Movies are a very integral part of our society and we consider them to be extremely important for our leisure needs. Movies do have a theme and a reason behind them and we often fail to understand them due to the complex nature of such events which are wound in the story line and elementary of the movies. The main concept behind the movie is no doubt a strong line where the theme of the movie is the main reason the movie is being made to be shown to the general public. The movies can have a number of dimensions which can be either good or bad depending on their interpretation by the viewers. Such dimensions can range from cinematography, soundtrack, dialogue and a number of other things which are individual to the movie and vary depending on how closely knit all the features of the movie are. Whale Rider is one such movie which is an interesting story and is a strong film which was released back in 2003. The movie follows the life of a young New Zealand girl who challenges every aspect of her life and is portrayed beautifully in the movie. Whale Rider consists of a strong story which is expressed beautifully by its cinematography, family values and character-driven story line which make it both interesting and rewarding to watch in all aspects. Clear thesis and Intro . Provide an in-text reference for Whale Rider. Whale Rider is set in New Zealand which shows the beautiful cinematography of the movie which is unique to this movie. The scenes are both breathtaking and they are very lively to watch because New Zealand is a country with a lot of greenery and beauty which lacks from many other countries of the world. This is essentially missing in the United Arab Emirates who has no greenery on its own and it is all cultivated by artificial means to beautify the country. New Zealand is blessed with this amazing feat of nature and by setting a movie in these surrounding it is truly breathtaking in all regards. The cinematography is also focused on the...
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