WH Smith

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Introduction to the company.
Established in 1792 by Henry Walton Smith and his wife Anna in Little Grosvenor Street, London. WH Smith currently operates over 1200 stores, primarily in UK. It sells a wide range of products, which are divided into four categories: stationary, books and impulse as well as small range of entertainment products. Mission Statement: “WH Smith aim is to be Britain’s most popular book seller, stationer and newsagent”. Getting into more details of this statement it seems clear that WH Smith reached their purpose and they are improving products and popularity in the society is moving forward. They have the target audience and customers who visit one of 1200 stores almost every day. Social and ecological responsibility.

WH Smith responsibly commits to manage the environmental impact on their operations and products they sell. WH Smith ensures that they use resources efficiently and reducing their carbon footprint helps to reduce costs. They also use DEFRA conversion factors to calculate CO2 emissions from transport, business travel and so on. The newest evidence says that WH Smith reduced their energy consumption, reduced packaging, carrier bags, conserved water resources and improved transport efficiency from 2007 to 20012. WH Smith also takes care of reducing waste within their business. They operate recycling and waste reduction for several years so that to avoid significant costs because of rising landfill taxes. Non-governmental organisations expect WH Smith to contribute their role in reducing carbon emissions, support sustainable forest sourcing and ethical trading. Political and economic environment.

‘’WH Smith’s operational costs are affected by underlying cost inflation and legislative and fiscal changes in relation to paper, packing fuel, utilities rates and salaries”. Every time the government changes the taxes or employment law for a better control of country, it always affects WH Smith. The company have to follow the law...
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