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AP World History Course Requirements
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Link to Course Standards: http://www.cpalms.org/Courses/PublicPreviewCourse662.aspx

* I.Course Requirements:
1. NOTEBOOK: Students will have to keep a class notebook. The notebook will be for notes/handouts/assignments/ and VOCABULARY (unless you have a separate notebook for vocabulary). Notebook MUST be a three ring binder-so papers can be added where necessary. It is expected that all students will maintain their notebook with all class material in CHRONOLOGICAL order. Notebook will be set up in chapters/parts, just as material is covered in the class and textbook. Notebooks can be checked at random. **The Course Syllabus/Course Requirements MUST be the first pages in your notebook.

2. VOCABULARY: Vocabulary will be a separate section (or if you choose-a separate notebook). Vocabulary will be completed for EVERY chapter and will be graded (based on guidelines required for vocabulary handed out in class/summer assignment handout). Vocabulary will be checked at the end of each unit.

3. NOTES: For EVERY chapter, an outline for each chapter must be completed (with notes) and kept in the class notebook. At the end of each chapter there will be review questions that need to be answered in your notebook. These assignments will be checked and graded randomly during the year.

4. JOURNAL: Students will have to maintain a journal. Every student MUST have a portfolio folder with 3 prongs and filler paper. Any color of your choosing. I will collect journal folders for grading (as a writing assignment) several times during the semester. I will read selected entries and, upon occasion, leave notes regarding your answers or comments. Grade is weighted on effort, supportive details in answers, comprehension of material, and demonstration of reflection on material.

5. AP Practice/Review Book: 5 Steps to a 5, World History (newer version with AP test changes included). To be used as a supplement to class text/lecture and the practice tests will help prepare for exam. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PURCHASE THIS BOOK.

6. READING: Reading is a necessary part of this course and will be assigned EVERY NIGHT. Reading assignments include the textbook, secondary sources and handouts. Reading will compromise of about 10-20 pages a night. If you skip a night, you may have to read 20-30 pages to catch up, so don’t fall behind.

7. HOMEWORK: Vocabulary is ALWAYS considered a homework assignment for every chapter. Other standing homework assignments: At the end of each chapter there will be review questions that need to be answered in your notebook and at the end of each unit a reflection log must be completed in your journal. These will be graded randomly. The majority of the remaining homework assignments are reading and note taking related. Any work not completed in class is the students’ responsibility to complete for homework, including pages assigned for reading, writing assignments or notes.

8. QUIZZES: There will quizzes on a regular basis related to the readings assigned for homework and vocabulary for each chapter. Quizzes will mainly be multiple-choice, but may be a short written response question(s). The schedule for upcoming quizzes and tests are posted on the board and on edmodo, giving students a two to four week notice of dates of all upcoming quizzes and tests. There are no surprises.

9. TESTS: Tests will be given at the end of each “Part” (UNIT) in textbook. Tests will be a combination of objective and essay questions based on the material and the type of questions asked on AP Examinations. (Chapter review questions and the chapter conclusions are fundamental for test review).

10. CLASSWORK/WRITING: Writing is a fundamental part of an AP class and exam (50%). Writing encourages active learning because it requires students to...
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