Weymouth Steel Corporation

Topics: Salary, Termination of employment, Good and evil Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: September 14, 2006

Weymouth Steel Corporation is currently in the sort of dilemma which may turn into a disaster for the company. However, given the situation if the top management is able to inspire its employees (who survive this downsizing) with a vision and hope for the rejuvenation of the company; this dilemma can easily become a pivotal time for its success. Once the bad news is broken and the downsizing process starts, stress is inevitable; for both the employees who will be terminated and the ones who survive this event. Therefore I believe a single stage announcement for the good and bad news will not only be ineffective in its transfer of information, but will also fail in embedding the new vision of the company into the survivors of the downsizing. Therefore I have devised a three stage process which I hope will be effective in all the aspects discussed above. The three stages are,

1.General conference of all the salaried employees (good and bad news). 2.The communication with the press.
3.A new vision for the survivors (good news).

The description of each stage is given below.

1.General conference of all the salaried employees

This stage is meant to break the ice to the employees. The focus of this conference is to communicate both the new salary and benefit plans and the downsizing issues. While it seems obvious that the downsizing news will rule the hearts of all in this conference; failing to adding the good news here will make the employees totally demoralized and hopeless. People if left in such conditions will not only loose their productivity at work but will also start looking for jobs elsewhere without being terminated yet. This could cause a lot of unwanted damage in an already critical situation. The addition of the good news here will affect the employees by giving them an incentive for being retained which will in turn help the company keep up the morale and motivation during these tough times.

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