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Each of the following processes involves sampling from a population. Define the population, and state whether it is tangible or conceptual.
A shipment of bolts is received from a vendor. To check whether the shipment is acceptable with regard to shear strength, an engineer reaches into the container and selects 10 bolts, one by one to test.
The resistance of a certain resistor is measured 5 times with the same ohmmeter
8 welds are made with the same process, and the strength of each is measured.
A quality engineer needs to estimate the percentage of parts manufactured on a certain day that are defective. At 2.30 in the afternoon he samples the last 100 parts to be manufactured.
Determine whether the given value is statistic or parameter
a.A sample of household selected and the average number of people per household is 2.58.
b.Currently, 42% of the governors of the United States are Democrats.
c.In a study of all 2223 passengers aboard the Titanic, it is found that 706 survived when it sank.
d.A sample of Malaysian is selected and the average amount of time watching television is 5.6 hours a day.
In each of these statements, tell whether descriptive or inferential statistics have been used.
a.Nine out of ten on-the-job fatalities are men
b. Expenditures for the cable industry were $5.66 billion in 1996
c. The median household income for people aged 25–34 is $35,888
d. “Allergy therapy makes bees go away”
e. Drinking decaffeinated coffee can raise cholesterol levels by 7%
f. The national average annual medicine expenditure in per person in USA is $1052
g.Experts say that mortgage rates may soon hit bottom
Classify each as nominal-level, ordinal-level, interval-level, or ratio-level data.
a. Horsepower of motorcycle engines.
b.Ratings of newscasts in Houston (poor, fair, good, excellent).
c. Temperature of automatic popcorn poppers.
d. Time required by drivers to complete a course.
e. Salaries of cashiers of

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