Westward Expansion

Topics: American Civil War, Native Americans in the United States, Manifest Destiny Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: December 6, 2011
We have been told that the reason for the debate over the territorial expansion was because people didn’t want to expand to the west. This is not true do to the fact that in the 1800’s America was full of people who believed in manifest destiny. Most Americans believed that we should extend our nation’s borders from Sea to shining Sea and maybe even farther. We can see in our accurate history documents that the real reason for the debate of the expansion was because of slavery. This is what made America become a divided nation. The South was agricultural and lived more off of the land than the north did. The South did want to go west but, they just also wanted to ensure that they would have slaves to work the land. The North felt like the west should be free. Also a large number of southerners were Federalist (document B). In the Congressional Debate of 1803 we see that the Federalist including Plumer was against the westward movement when he said “Admit this western world into the union, and you destroy with a single operation the whole weight and importance of the eastern states.”(Document A). John Calhoun spoke to the Congress of Mexico to try and get them to give Texas to them so that they would not have to go to war (Document H). We see that Mr. Calhoun was not successful. Because a year later in 1849 Mr. Thoreau talks about the Mexican War (Document I) “people have chosen to execute their free will.’ He refused to pay taxes from the Mexican War and was jail as a result. All of these people and the south were unsuccessful in stopping the Westward Expansion. One of the reasons why the people were also worried about the expanding to the west was the Indians. So in 1829 Lewis Cass spoke to a board in New York City and let them know that there was no need for the fear because the Indians who for over two centuries have been in contact with “civilized people” (Document C).We can see in the map (Document D) that the Indians move westward and in to...
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