Westren Lifestyle Effects Teenagers Mind

Topics: Sociology, Alcoholic beverage, Western world Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Western lifestyle often referred as an intolerant culture in the eastern countries. In the western socialization, limitation has an obvious vary from the socialization limits that we practice in the eastern country. This allows the teenagers especially to have different mentality across the globe. The main issues faced by the society nowadays are the teenagers in our country tend to be influenced by the western culture and behaving, directly bringing about the social problems to the society. The problem is precise because it is not a usual practice among the citizens in the eastern society.

The main social influence is teenage alcoholism and pre-martial sex. Alcohol consumption among teens in the country has been found to be on the rise, especially with the opening up of the society. Many-a-times, it has been seen that it is the parents, mainly father, who introduce their children to alcohol at a very early age. Their main argument is that through this, they are trying to educate their children about alcohol. At the same time, they feel that if they say no to drink to their kids, the kids will end up drinking much more with their friends. This excuse might sound logical but it is the major factor of teenage alcoholism phenomena in the country. This serious phenomenon brings lots of effects and risks to youngsters.

Alcohol consumptions are known to bring the damage of the limbic system, which can further lead to severe nerves problems. Lack of sleep and tiredness is the most common factor that causes the teenagers to drop down in their daily routine such as at school or work. Lungs and many abdominal problems are also the effects of heavy alcohol-addict.

The serious social problem is the pre-marital sex activity among the teenagers nowadays. This issues is becoming uncontrolled for the upcoming years. This social tragedy may cause many negative effects both to the person involve and not excluding the image of the society. This may root from the unlimited...
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