Westjet Swot

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SWOT Analysis Template

Situation being analysed: __________Westjet________________

This SWOT example is for a new business opportunity. Many criteria can apply to more than one quadrant. Identify criteria appropriate to your own SWOT situation.

|criteria examples |Strengths |Weaknesses |criteria examples | | | | | | |Advantages of proposition? |1. Low, attractive and competitive fares. |1. Domestic airline with no exposure in the|Disadvantages of proposition?| |Capabilities? |Customers also had an option of advance |regional-international segment | | |Competitive advantages? |flight booking |2. Tickets were not refundable and |Gaps in capabilities? | |USP's (unique selling |2. Emphasis on customer service and |customers did not have an option to reserve|Lack of competitive strength?| |points)? |customer service relationship |seats of their choice | | |Resources, Assets, People? |3. High aircraft utilization: a fleet of 77|3. Discounts to its customers nor air miles|Reputation, presence and | |Experience, knowledge, data? |next generation Boeing 737s, mostly under |to frequent fliers were offered |reach? | |Financial reserves, likely |warranty reducing the maintenance cost |4. Limited viable expansion possible into |Financials? | |returns? |4. A strong and powerful corporate culture:|newer destinations over and above currently|Own known vulnerabilities? | |Marketing - reach, |work culture was fun, casual, friendly and |served...
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