Westernisation: Western Culture and Late Night Studies

Topics: Western culture, Globalization, Culture Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Westernisation in India

Industrialization, globalization and now westernization India is none the less in any of these fields. In 16th century industrialization was adjoined by India in 20th century the policy of globalization was also adopted in India and in the 21st century the trend of westernization also started prevailing in the Indian air. The impact of the former two still resulted in Indian development but latter has struck deep into the Indian roots and is now even rotting the fruit of India i.e. the youth of today.

Westernization is not only confined to any one sector of our society but today every sector of our society whether rich or poor , high or low in every field( social, economic, and educational )are following the western techniques ,patterns and civilization too. Now the question arises that what is westernization? The answer is in simple words is the adoption of western culture. And Indians are good copycats and it has become their habit of imitating western culture. The most influenced strata of our society are youth and teenagers. Today we often find young boys and girls running after the western culture. The richness of Indian culture is now disappearing from Indians although people from abroad really work hard to get the showers of our rich culture. There was a time when people felt proud of belonging to Hindustan but today more and more people are ashamed of being Indians .I don’t understand why they feel so? Youngsters are losing the sense of respect for their elders; children are ashamed of touching the feet of their grandparents or even greeting people with namaste. Instead the new version of namaste i.e. hie , hello, wasp are found to be more cool and funky. Discos , pubs ,clubs are the favorite hang out places of the youngsters and the holy places are like graveyard for them as they always feel like staying 100 miles away from them. Mini skirts, shorts are the status symbols, the more you wear them the more modern you are....
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