Western Culture in Pakistan

Topics: Western culture, Globalization, Culture Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Pakistani society is undergoing a massive cultural change rapidly. The deep rooted embedded cultural values in our society are becoming hollow and gradually fading away. Various catalysts of change are responsible for this scenario, the foremost being the deep impact of westernization. The European and American culture is slowly embraced in by our society. The role of media is enormous here .Westernization has been spread through out our country because of the media. The TV channels shows various newscasters and different characters in the dramas wearing westernized clothes.The catalougs, magazines, billboards etc clearly show the impact of westernization all over Pakistan. You can see the catalougs of StoneAge for example. Magazines and certain tv shows discuss extremely open issues that are out of the scene if people take into account our culture, tradition and religious values.

The media of today is exploiting the personalities of new generation. It presents the western world in such a glittering way that anybody can become its victim. I have seen many youngsters who have acquired the western culture like dressing, way of talking and eating…each and every thing reflects their obsession for the western culture. They loved to be called American or British than Pakistanis…its really shameful that we have lost our true identity and are following others…..

a PROBLEM most Pakistanis are facing today especially the youth. Each country has its own mother language and they are not just a way of communication but also a part of their culture. Most of the people are not proud to speak our own language now and this is mostly seen in the middle and upper class. Most pakistanis are moving away from their mother language and adopting english. By adopting english we are not just adopting their language but also their culture, values, customs and traditions and in the process are forgetting our own culture. This confusion started when the British...
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