Western Civilization Reflection Paper 1

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05/31/13Chapter 1Reflection Paper 1
In chapter one, the Sumer culture is discussed at lengths including their religion of several Gods from the “natural world” and their technology and innovations. I particularly find it interesting that despite the Sumer’s lack of mineral, they were still able to make innovations and weapons using traded copper. The Sumer people may not have had access to various resources but they are still to be thanked for technology such as the seed drill. It is very useful of the Sumerian people to be so innovative and creative despite their lack of resources. Also in chapter one, the civilization of Ancient Egypt is explored. In contrast with the Sumerians, the Egyptians did not have futile resources as their lands were renewed each year when the Nile River flooded. Although I was already aware that Alexander the Great ruled Egypt for quite some time, I still find it fascinating that Ancient Egypt thrived for so long under this sort of government and rule. Ancient Egypt witnessed several rulers all with the title of pharaoh. How the original pharaohs claimed their spot as ruler is not entirely clear, which I find interesting. What was known, however, was that the pharaohs played a larger role than just Egypt’s ruler; they embodied everything that Egypt stood for. Egyptian culture is responsible for several technological innovations such as hieroglyphs. These hieroglyphs are still, to this day, not fully understood. I find it difficult to believe given how many historians and archaeologists have studied them. These hieroglyphs are apart of one of the first written languages. Although I was already aware of this, it continues to fascinate me. In Ancient Egypt, women had rights as their own person, while not able to hold office; they were still allowed more rights than in societies to come. I find it interesting that women were given rights in this ancient society that some women in other societies would never receive. Also in Ancient...
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