Western Civilization and the Greeks

Topics: Ancient Greece, Western culture, Reason, British Museum, Renaissance, Greece / Pages: 3 (590 words) / Published: Jan 19th, 2012
There were many contributions to western civilization from the Ancient Greeks. Many roots of the civilization we have today can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks. They made long lasting contributions in the areas of art, architecture, philosophy, math, drama, and science. If the intelligent thinkers of the Ancient Greeks such as, Socrates, Aristotle,and Hippocrates never challenged the way Greeks lived many of the ideas we have today would have never been established. The Greeks made contributions in modern day art, architecture and philosophy. ”The unexamined life is not worth living.” (Document #1) This was a quote spoken by Socrates, an Ancient Greek philosopher. He was suggesting by this quote that if you don’t look at life in a different perspective why bother living it. “Since human reason is the most godlike part of human nature...” (Document #2) This was a quote spoken by Aristotle, and Ancient Greek Philosopher. He believed about human nature that making deals or reasoning was the best human quality and separated us from others. “Nor do I think your orders were so strong that you, a mortal man, could overrun the gods‘ unwritten and unfailing laws...” (Document #6) This was an except from Sophocles‘ play Antigone. The values expressed in this play are that the gods are more powerful then humans and that the gods law are not written down but overpower written human law. The picture of the Parthenon in document #7 shows how specific features of that building influenced Western Civilization. The pillars and the shape of the building showed a sense of power and the actual architecture used in the Parthenon is still used today in places like the White House and Lincoln Monument. The picture of The Discus Thrower sculpture in document #8 reveals things about Greek values and shows an olympic event that is still used in modern times. This statue shows that the Greeks were very athletic people. The olympics sill influence p[people today by

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