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western civilization

By jingyingqaz Oct 01, 2014 369 Words
1Western Civilization IRutgers/McNairProf. Mellen
21.510.210.07/.98Socrates: the ApologyFall 2014
Reading response sheet
CONTENT SUMMARY: in your summary include responses to the following
What is Socrates searching for in his consultations with wise men, poets and artisans? What does Socrates consider to be the basis or source of virtue? Knowledge
Why are the Athenians troubled by Socrates?
*How does Socrates’ description of his actions and ideas connect to Greek ideas about

The first part of the reading is about Socrates goes around to men that he heard are wise but found them not. He found himself wiser than them even those people are skillful in their area but they are not wiser than Socrates. He said, “I do not think that I know what I do not know”, Socrates thinks that knowledge in the basis of virtue. These poet, artisans and other skillful men think just because they know their area means they know everything, which is consider ignorant by Socrates. Socrates thinks men should recognize what they don’t know so that they can learn about it. Socrates taking humanized approach to the further steps. However he is raising this issue at the time when Athens is busy fighting Sparta and that’s why Athenians were troubled by Socrates. Like Greek ideas about reason, Socrates believes that knowledge is given by God and men should know how to use it.

SIGNIFICANT/INTERESTING WORDS AND TERMS: (include words/terms that you don’t know or aren’t sure of) question

RESPONSE/REACTION TO THE TEXT:(* can expand this question here)

I think Socrates is very wise and it is true that if you ask questions, you will never learn.


“I will never choose what I know to be evil, and fear and fly from what may possibly be a good.” I tell you, that virtue does not come from wealth, but that wealth and every other good, whether public or private, which men have, come from virtue.


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