West Fertilizer Explosion

Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: October 12, 2014
West Fertilizer Company Explosion

The West Fertilizer Company, which was known with an ammonium nitrate explosion occurred on April 17, 2013. A massive explosion at a fertilizer storage and distribution facility. The first reports were given out as it was sustained severe losses in the blast. The explosion killed 15 people and injured more than 300, and others in buildings and homes were destroyed and damaged. It was certified by Texas Department of Insurance and State Fire Marshall’s Office investigators that ammonium nitrate was the main cause of the incident, but the cause of fire was still unknown. The blast also affected most of the surrounding areas, causing destructions to residents’ homes and some small fires caused by leaking gas tanks. The fire had exploded as the firefighters were on their way to extinguish the flames.

According to the New York Times; “Texas has had the nation’s highest number of workplace fatalities - more than 400 annually - for much of the past decade. Fires and explosions at Texas’ more than 1,300 chemical and industrial plants have cost as much in property damage as those in all the other states combined for the five years ending in May 2012”. As Texas does not require companies to provide workers compensation coverage; the lack of protection for communities from ammonium nitrate storage facilities; the lack of regulation of government have put those people who live in the area in general and workers in particular. Residents should have acknowledged to deal with the incident immediately; more regulation and data on ammonium nitrate storage should be accompanied by better training and coordination with local first responders. There has been a report says that the community was not aware of the potential hazard at West Fertilizer.

What are the actions of the local, state and federal initiated to prevent future incidents like West fertilizer plant explosion from occurring again?
There should be some changes in...
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