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West Africa Kingdoms and the Swahili city states
The kingdoms of west Africa and the Swahili city states were both built off the main structural ideas, but developed differently into their own way of life. The kingdoms of west Africa traded through camels in the Sahara Desert, while the Swahili city states traded by ship on the Indian Ocean. Both the west African Kingdoms and the Swahili city states each shared religious, political, and economical aspects.

The kingdoms of west Africa and the Swahili city states shared similar religious characteristics, while also owning some original to their own states. The Swahili city states were influenced heavily by the religion of Islam, while kingdoms of west Africa had large proportions of the population that never converted to Islam. Pagan practices were accommodated by the Sudanic states because they were the existing traditions and beliefs before Islam jumped in. Islam provided the residents of the Swahili city states a universal set of ethics and beliefs that made their maritime contacts easier. Islam helped develop both the west African kingdoms and the Swahili city states. Islam allowed for west Africa to form more unified governments and trade, which led to the height of their prosperity. Islam dominated in Swahili city states, which brought them to form their cities. These developments of west Africa and the Swahili city states occurred because Islam united people, and allowed them to expand their society. Islamization was slow to reach the general population in both west Africa and the Swahili city states. Mansu Musa brought the attention of the Muslim world after his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324. The 13th century was a period of great Islamic expansion, and with it created a bond of trust and law that facilitated trade throughout the Indian Ocean.

Martin 1
The kingdoms of west Africa and the Swahili city states political aspects were different in ways, and similar in others. Kingdoms of west...
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