Topics: Christianity, Western culture, Law Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The question that is being asked here is what is the West? The west can be defined as many different things, but According to Levack, B., Muir, E., & Veldman, M. (2011) the west is a “place” (p. 2). The west is thought of to be traditionally compromised of certain regions like Europe, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. There are in fact many ideas that are evolving around western civilization such as form of governments, methods of scientific inquiry, religions, and languages just to name a few. In fact one can ask several questions as to what the western civilization is, but the main question that should be asked is what may the history of western civilization comprised of. One of the main things that could be discussed about western civilization are the many religions that the people of the west practice. There are Christians, Jews, and Muslims that originally became the founding religions of the west. Approximately 500 to 1,000 years ago Christians wanted to rid Muslims from Europe, but Muslims continued to live in Europe. For present day people the values of the West included “democracy, individualism, universal human rights, toleration of religious diversity, ownership of private property, equality before the law, and freedom of inquiry and expression” (Levack, B., Muir, E., & Veldman, M., 2011 p. 5). I believe for one to be able to analyze the material of this course and to learn what the west truly is, will take a lot of reading and studying, and the main questions that should be asked is the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.

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1. Levack, B., Muir, E., & Veldman, M. (2011). The west: Encounters & transformations, vol. 1 (3rd ed.).Boston, MA: Longman.
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